Festival booths / attractions

Candy figures
: a demonstration of the Japanese craft of candy-figure making. 150,000yen~
Shooting gallery: typical stall. Assorted prizes available.
Lucky string lottery: type of lottery. Assorted prizes available
. 60,000yen~
Quoits: typical stall. Assorted prizes available
. 60,000yen~
Goblin-target throwing game: typical stall, unique in that the target at which the balls are thrown is in the form of a goblin
. 70,000yen~
Dharma felling: knock the blocks out of the pile without the Dharma doll collapsing
. 70,000yen~
Street peddler: a typical street performance of verbal flair and dexterity
. 150,000yen~
Portable shrine: inseparable from festivals, the portable shrine will be carried around the venue
. 250,000yen~
Chindonya: loudly dressed street musicians will parade around the venue
. 200,000yen~