Synthetic support
Regard an incentive travel as an impression brew tool, a participant is made conscious of the meaning of incentive original, and the purpose which a travel sponsor has is made to attain.

Convention support business
The hall arrangements and its adjustment of a commendation ceremony, a party, a meeting, etc(A hotel and a conference hall,space use unque in addition to this.)

An arrangement in the organs concerned
Welcome production in the lobby of a hotel, or a room, and thoroughness of employee education.
Welcome production in abus.
The welcom production in a souvenir shop, offer of convenience (load) , and throughness of enployee education.

The proposal and its actual condition of excursion program. An example is here.
Local rediscovery, an experienced type program,or the proposal and its enforcement of excursion program to which intellectual curiosity and vanity are satis fied.
It is [the charter of sport facilities, such as a skiing area and a golf cours, and implementation of a program specially.]
Outdoor sports(a paraglider, ahot-air balloon and rafting, horse riding,forse trekking, mountain climbing, a trekking, fishing,canoe kayak snow mobil, etc)
Indoor(hand made experiences, such as a sausage, ice-cream, and jam)
Cultures(the tour around art museum and tea ceremony, flower arrangement, ceramic art, glass techology experience, etc)
The show of a Japanese masterpiece movie.
Shopping corresponding to VIP in a department store or a famous specialty store.
The meal in a Long-established store restaurant or a famous restaurant.